Removal of beaver dams on More's Creek

I noticed this fall that More's Creek between Idaho City and Grime's Creek has been heavily impacted with new beaver dams. It seems pretty clear that the dams will prevent trout migration up and down More's Creek and will degrade trout habitat by allowing sedimentation. Any chance that F&G can remove the dams this winter?


Our agency used to remove many beaver dams by use of explosives, but now only remove dams for very specific conditions.  Once of those conditions is when Idaho Dept. of Water Resources demonstrates that downstream water rights are being impacted by a dam.  Then we go in and remove the structure.  The other reason we would remove a dam is if a roadway or other structure is being threatened because of a beaver dam.
Beaver dams are part of a healthy stream system.  They encourage bank storage of water, slow water velocity and cause sediment to deposit which encourages growth of riparian (stream-side) vegetation, and helps regulate water temperatures.  Despite the appearance of a fish obstruction, trout are very adept at finding a way through beaver dams.  Unless the road along Mores Creek is being threatened, we won't remove the dams.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 4:04 PM MDT