Re: MSN news story related to killing of Grizzlies

Why is the 10,000 $ reward offered by your department so low? And- why is the burden for information leading to the arrest AND CONVICTION of the suspect(s) ?! There are cases of poor judgement on behalf of hunters and sportsmen every year; in every State. There are also some ruthless two legged predators running loose; causing untold amounts of damage to wildlife. Some are after trophies or bragging rights, some are culling parts for sale on the black market, and some are just low average intelligent w/ a serious mental defect--and there are deranged druggies and alcoholics w/ weapons. My point is--in order to place J. Q. Public in between one the afforementioned and a huge fine and long prison term possibity--it seems like the burden of risk should be born by sworn peace officers, and fish and game agents and their respective depts.. No state can afford the reckless loss of endangered/protected species, in this day and age--the potential punishment is pretty obvious to all who bring firearms into a wild area for the purpose of killing game-and not do so w/ all diligence and required responsibilities is reaallly STUPID! Whomever did this act-may have made a mistke in animal ID; but shooting more than one animal says they were in a group of at least 2 persons,or was over limit from the start- and knew before or immediately after that they were going to leave the animals there to rot. Locals w/ bear trespassers not wanted on property, licensed hunters who mis identified the bears, recreational target shooters who saw an opportunity to kill bears--would all be sweating buckets worried about getting caught. The other possibility is the persons who did it w/ intent and destructive purpose, would be given the names and addresses of anyone who turns them in for a reward. My guess is you are not going to receive too many tips, and that is a shame; becase sooner than later-they'll do it again- not to mention to the grievous loss already accrued. Sincerely, Mark S. McClinn


This illegal take of the threatened Grizzly Bears is being investigated jointly by Idaho Fish and Game, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The incident occurred in a remote area of Idaho. We are seeking any information from anyone who has information specific to or was a witness to this act. The rewards being offered are donated from various organizations and individuals, and from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. If you desire to help and donate to the reward you can call the USFWS at 503-231-2264 or IDFG at 208-769-1414 Anyone with information regarding the facts or identity of person or persons who were involved in this incident may contact these numbers, or the Idaho Citizens Against Poaching, 1-800-632-5999.

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Friday, May 25, 2012 - 4:15 PM MDT