Why is it illegal to trap cottontail rabbits?


This is a good question.  Cottontail rabbits are classified as Upland Game animals and it is illegal to trap all upland game animals.  Cottontail rabbits habitually tend to travel using a maze of trails, usually beneath brush and other obstructions. Their habits make them very vulnerable to trapping.  Cottontails also frequent the same type of habitat often used by Pigmy rabbits.  There is no season on Pigmy rabbits, another reason trapping would not be allowed for rabbits in general. It’s all about ethics and sportsmanship.  Controlling methods of take and restricting those methods to the use of lawful firearms allows a rabbit hunter to identify their target, something a trapper would be unable to do.  We hope this helps you.   

Answered on: 
Tuesday, October 21, 2014 - 10:00 AM MDT