Private Pond inflow and outflow mesh size

I am thinking of applying for a Private Fishing Pond Permit. I have read in the Fishing Regulations and searched the Idaho Code 36-706 and can not find any information on the required mesh size to be used on my Inflow and Outflow. I will only be stocking with bass and crappie that I plan on taking from Dworshak reservoir (By obtaining a Live Fish Transport Permit). My outflow goes right back into Dworshak Reservoir so there is no danger of any fish species escaping the pond that aren't already in Dworshak. Can you please provide me with some information on Mesh Size?
Thank You


Greetings, thanks for your question. The mesh size requirements for fish screen is really dependent on several factors. The design of the outflow (pipe vs drain etc), the size of fish you want to screen, and the water flow through the screen make a big difference in the mesh size needed. We need more details about your potential pond design to really provide an accurate answer. At a minimum, you should expect nothing bigger than 1", but likely will need something down in the 1/4-1/2" size screen. 
I'm going to forward your question to the Regional Fish Manager in Lewiston who will be the point of contact for pond permits in your area. He will respond to you directly and can provide further guidance. 
Martin Koenig
Sportfishing Program Coordinator

Answered on: 
Friday, February 12, 2016 - 8:47 AM MST