Possession limit on Salmon that have been packaged for consumption.

Hello. I have question pertaining to the possession limit on salmon. I was lucky enough to harvest 6 fish at Riggins last weekend and took them to a local fish processor who filleted and froze them. I plan to go fishing again next weekend and plan to pick up my processed fish. If I catch fish will I be over the possession limit or are there any considerations for processed fish?
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Any processed Salmon count towards an angler's possession limit while in the field or in transit.
No person shall have in the field or in transit hatchery-produced adult anadromous salmon that has been processed by removing the head and tail unless the following conditions are met:
The fish has been recorded on the taker’s salmon permit;
The fish is processed and packaged with the skin naturally attached to the flesh including a portion with a healed, clipped, adipose fin scar; and
The fish must be packaged in a manner that the number of fish harvested can be readily determined.
No person shall process salmon until they are ashore and done fishing for the day. No person shall transport processed salmon via boat. Jack salmon may not be processed while in the field or in transit. Any processed salmon count towards an angler’s possession limit while in the field or in transit.

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Monday, June 30, 2014 - 11:35 AM MDT