Point system

Thank you for answering my question about suggesting a point system for Bighorn sheep. Are you saying that since the Commission rejected a point system in 2010, Idaho can never have one? Every state around us and every other state I have ever applied in has one. They have the exact same problems you pointed out and they overcame them. Idaho is 20 years behind the times and it's embarrassing. I have been applying for a sheep tag for over 25 years. Every year I donate to CAP and buy raffle tickets. Next year, I will have the same odds as my neighbor who just moved here and is now a resident.


Actions taken by a previous Commission do not restrict actions of future Commissions.  Commissioners are appointed to 4 year terms and may serve up to 2 terms.  As Commissioners change, it is very common to revisit issues of interest to sportsmen.  The current Commission includes several members that were not involved in the 2010 decision.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 11:01 AM MDT