Please re-clairfy where it is legal to waterfowl hunt on Blacks Creek Res during the normal hunting season. [There are new signs now]

Previous Question: Is it legal to duck hunt out at Blacks Creek Reservoir?
IDF&G Answer: Yes, waterfowl hunting is allowed at Black's Creek reservoir Please honor any Safety Zone postings to provide public safety to other users.
New Question: Please re -clarify where it is legal to waterfowl hunt on Blacks Creek Reservoir during the normal waterfowl season so no rules are broken.
I drove down to Blacks Creek Reservior to bird watch, I noticed the entire Black Creek Reservior is fenced off with barbed wire and plastic tags to indicate a fence for birds so they don't fly into it. Next to the Bird Reserve signs on the East side there are additions signs that say No shooting, No dumping, No vehicle off road. Please explain the boundries that can be leagly accessed down to the reservoir and which areas on the reservoir can be hunted during the normal waterfowl season. Can a hunter park on the Eastside of the parking area next to the Bird Reserve signs grab their decoys and walk all the way down to the reservior to hunt which side of the reservoir North South East or West that would not infringe on any Saftey Zone? There needs to be better clarification to explain that hunting is premitted on the reservoir, it only has bird vewing signs also where are the safety zone that need to be pointed out. Please clairfy thank you for your time.


This is being answered in April, 2014.  It may be that the signage you see now applies now and may change when waterfowl season comes around in early fall.  Please check with the Southwest Region office for up-to-date information next fall.  Their number is 208-465-8465.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 10:29 AM MDT