Permit question

What is the difference between three day License and permit for $37.50 opposed to the steelhead permit for $25.75? If they both have a three day license then what is the benefit for the more expensive permit?
There is a difference between the Steelhead Permit and the 3-day Salmon/Steelhead.   The 3-day Salmon/Steelhead is a 3-day Fishing License with a Salmon Permit and a Steelhead Permit.   The Steelhead Permit cannot be purchased unless you have a Nonresident Fishing LIcense.  As of the date this question is being answered (3/16/16) the total cost for a Nonresident Fishing License and the Steelhead Permit would be $124.00.  These items would be good for the calendar year instead of just 3 days.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - 10:04 AM MDT