Paddock Valley Reservoir [how is the fishing this spring; how much water is in it?]

What is the status of Paddock Valley reservoir for the spring of 2014? I had heard that the farmers pulled most of the water out last season for irrigation. How much water is there in Paddock and what can we expect for fishing? Just trying to decide if Paddock is a destination for me this year.


Unfortunately, Paddock Valley Reservoir was very low during late fall 2013 as it has been for the majority of the last several years. I would not recommend it as a good use of your valuable fishing time. The only exception might be the trophy bullhead population; as they have faired well despite low water levels.  Due to the poor snow pack (80% of normal), we do not anticipate that this trend will improve during 2014.    

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Friday, April 11, 2014 - 2:19 PM MDT