Oxbow dam steelhead

Are steelhead released on the same schedule as boise river for oxbow dam? Was trying to plan a trip for the weekend and not sure where to check on the status of the dam.


To allow anglers access to steelhead below Hells Canyon Dam on the Snake River, The trap at the dam is not operated prior to November 1.  Once trapping starts, there are obligations for those fish at Idaho Power's Oxbow fish hatchery and in Oregon that must be met prior to transporting fish to the Boise River.
Historically, it has usually taken until about the third week in November to meet all brood stock needs.  In 2013, we are on the same schedule.  A total of 200 steelhead will be transported to the Boise River on November 22nd and released from Barber Park to Glenwood.  This will be the only stocking event this year in the Boise River.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 6:48 AM MST