Nonresident looking into elk hunting 2013; where should I hunt?


There are a number of things you would want to consider before making a decision on the purchase of an elk tag. Elk tags are specific in the location where you can hunt but each tag has different criteria in regard to what weapon you can use and when you can use that weapon. Some tags will offer an archery season, an any weapon season, and a muzzleloader season. We would need to know if you intend on harvesting a bull elk, a cow elk, or have no preference. The seasons can vary from one tag to another so that needs to be taken into consideration. It's a good idea to study the harvest data statistics and the maps found on our Idaho Hunt Planner. We would want to take into consideration any health isssues or disabilities you might have as some of Idaho's terrain can be difficult.
There many things to take into consideration when making a decison as to where YOU should hunt. We would want to narrow your decision down to a particular region of Idaho and then refer you to a big game biologist that works in that region. You're welcome to call the IDFG Bureau of Wildlife for assistance in making that decision.

Answered on: 
Friday, December 28, 2012 - 4:46 PM MST