Non-Resident and Resident on the same controlled hunt application

If a group of 4 (2 resident and 2 non-resident) applies for a controlled hunt together, how does the 10% non-resident rule apply?


Here is a basic illustration on how the drawing works.
The drawing is based on application and not applicant. If there is a group application the system recognizes it as one application.
To start the system takes all applications and randomly assigns them a new number. This process is completed a second time.
The system then sorts the applications based on the new random generated number.
Here is a basic process of how the drawing is processed:
The drawing begins with the first application:
System looks at the applications first hunt choice number and the number of applicants and follows this type of process;

The drawing system goes through each applicants first hunt choice. After that has been completed, the system will do a second drawing based on the applicants second choice.A person cannot draw their second hunt choice before someone who has listed that hunt choice as their first.

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Friday, May 23, 2014 - 9:21 AM MDT