Night Vision

Night Vision: Allowed, for raccoon and coyote only as long as the proper permission and spotlight permit is obtained. Where do I obtain a spotlight permit? Also if I'm only using NV and not a spotlight, do I still need the permit? Who and how do I get a hold of someone to notify them when and where I decide to hunt at night on Public Lands? Thank you for your help.


A spotlight permit may be applied for at your local Idaho Fish and Game Regional Office. Ask to speak with the Regional Conservation Officer regarding the permit. There are several stipulations that must be met before a permit will be issued. If you are simply using NVG for Predatory and Unprotected Wildlife, as defined by Idaho Code, and you are not casting a light of any kind, you do not need a spotlight permit. This of course requires you to utilize only ambient light and your NVG. All other rules, and laws are still applicable. 
-Josh Royse, Regional Conservation Officer, Magic Valley Region

Answered on: 
Saturday, August 1, 2015 - 2:10 PM MDT