New river sections

I was disappointed to see the change in the breakup of the Little Salmon (above and below the lower Pollock bridge). The news release yesterday is understandable with the harvest quota, but because of the new river sections, we cannot fish for adults in the section between above rapid river and the lower Pollock bridge. Can you please provide a good explanation why we cannot fish in this short stretch for adults, considering they are not Rapid River fish?


We've reached the harvest quota on fish headed to Rapid River Fish Hatchery.  From keeping the river reach from the mouth of Rapid River to Pollock open for fishing in the past, we've discovered that many fish headed to Rapid River go past the river and are harvested in the Little Salmon River upstream fishery.  To minimize harvest on these fish, we moved the closure boundary to the Pollock Bridge.
Please keep in-mind, these quotas and associated closures/restrictions are to make sure we have adiquate brood stock to provide for future generations of salmon.  We would not limit sport fishing if there were other ways for us to provide fish for the future.
Hopefully, you will take advantage of the hatchery Chinook salmon that will be returning to the Boulder Creek/Hazard Creek area.

Answered on: 
Friday, June 27, 2014 - 4:52 PM MDT