Is Movement of live fish legal in Idaho?

In CA it is against the law to catch fish from any body of water and move it to another location ( whether that's another body of water like a lake or whether that is a private pond or aquarium).
Just wondering if moving live fish is legal in Idaho. If it is illegal, I would like contact info for a Game Warden.


It is illegal to transport live fish in Idaho without a permit from the Director of the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game.  There are two exceptions.  One is aquarium fish legally purchased from a pet store can be transported from the store to your residence.  The aquarium trade is regulated by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.  The other exception is when the holder of a Private Pond Permit purchases fish from a licensed Commercial Aquaculture facility.  No transport permit is needed to move fish from the facility to the private pond.
It is also illegal to use live bait for fishing in Idaho.  If you do use live bait or illegally introduce live fish into a body of water, you can be liable for the cost of removing those fish or their off-spring.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 2:55 PM MST