Motorized Vehicle Use Exception

I was reading the Motorized Vehicle Rules for areas that have motorized vehicle restrictions. Some of the "Exceptions" are a little vague. I am specifically asking about the exception: "Hunters may use a motorized vehicle to pack camping equipment in or out if such travel is allowed by the land owner or manager. However, hunters may not hunt while packing camping equipment." My question: My hunt area has trails open to motorcycles. There is also a motorized vehicle restriction in that area during hunting season. Can you use these open trails to pack your camping gear, weapon, park your vehicle and hike in and camp for a week in the mountains? Or does this mean, you can only pack camping gear, no weapon, to your destination, unload your gear, ride back out of the trail, and then hike bike in with your weapon? I'm trying to fill in the gray areas here of what is ok, and what's not ok. Thank you
Thank you for your question.  You can haul your camping equipment to your camp as long as the trail you are riding on is open for travel.  Your camp can include your rifle or bow, but you can not hunt on the ride in or out.  Hunting includes stopping to glass, scouting, etc.  Once your camp is established, you can leave your ATV at your camp or you can ride out, but you can not use it to travel back and forth to your camp even though you are not hunting or you leave your rifle or bow in camp.  This would be an aid to your hunt because you are using the ATV to transport yourself to and from your hunting area and that is not one of the exceptions.  Hopefully this answers your questions, but if you would like to talk more about the MHR please feel free to contact me.  Scott Wright, Regional Conservation Officer, Pocatello. (208)236-1261.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - 11:55 AM MDT