Motor vehicle restrictions question

I will be elk hunting in a motor vehicle restriction area. Unit 58 to be exact. I understand that an ATV can be used on the designated ATV trails only to assist in packing out a kill or to pack in camp. My question is, can I ride my ATV on a trail, park, then hike up the mountain to set up camp, and then hunt from there? I would not be parking the ATV at camp, just leaving it on the side of the trail. My actual camp would be set up and taken down each night as I hunt, then returning to the ATV to ride back to the truck at the end of my hunt. Thank you!
Yes you can do what you have described.  Drive your ATV up an open trail with your hunting equipment and camping equipment. Leave your ATV parked along side the trail then continue up hiking to a camping spot. Camp overnight then return the next morning to your ATV to return home.
Answered on: 
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 9:22 AM MDT