Mallard Larkins Elk hunting

I am looking at the Mallard Larkins area for elk hunting. I noticed the area is split between two elk tags. I was wondering if there is much difference in elk populations between the north and south part of the area. Also curious about if it has much hunting pressure. Hopefully its rough enough to keep some people away. I like the habitat but its been too hot to see much animal activity in the daytime.


In response to your question about the Mallard Larkin elk hunting. As far as I know it does not get much, if any pressure from the north (GMU 9). There are a couple access points from Region 1. It depends if you are using stock or backpacking ect. In my personal experience, I have seen some very nice bulls as well as an abundunce of cows/calves. One access point from the north is off of Buzzards Roost. If you drop off from there you can access Sawtooth Creek which is at the very north west end of the Mallards. It is a large south aspect and is usually occupied by a substantial sized elk herd.

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Monday, August 4, 2014 - 1:54 PM MDT