Lost sportsman license [what has to be replaced and where can I do it?]

I have lost my Sportsman's pack license. since the sportsman's pack comes with multiple tags, do I have to buy/replace them all separately? is the F&G office the only place I can get them replaced?


Basically, you only have to replace the items you need to (and want to).
Before July the deer and elk tags have not been designated yet; when you decide the specific zone or type of tag you want you can go to any vendor to get a deer or elk tag.  All vendors can issue these along with salmon and steelhead permits and the actual hunting/fishing license portion of the sportsman's license.
All the rest of the tags can be duplicated, but only through an IDFG office.  This includes bear, mountain lion and wolf and turkey tags. After the deer and elk tag receipts have been redeemed, you must get duplicates at an IDFG office also.
Each duplicate costs $7.25, no matter where you get it.

Answered on: 
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 11:45 AM MDT