Land locked salmon

Is f&g planing on planting fall chinook in Anderson ranch res. and deadwood res. in 2014? Where dose the blood line of fall chinook that you are planting come from? Any info on the survival rate of previous years stockings? Thanx


We will probably stock fall Chinook in Deadwood Reservoir again this year to help reduce the kokanee population, but we probably won't stock Anderson Ranch with fall Chinook.  Anderson Ranch was drawn-down this past winter and we know kokanee went through the dam.  Until we have a better idea of how many kokanee still exist, we will "hold" our fall Chinook plant.
The source of eggs for fall Chinook is a state hatchery in Washington.  These are fish excess to their hatchery needs.
Fall Chinook in reservoirs are difficult to sample, therefore we don't have survival information.  In the case of Deadwood, we continue adding fall Chinook every year until the kokanee population reaches the desired/target size.

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Friday, June 20, 2014 - 12:22 PM MDT