Kokanee spawning in Hayden Lake.

I read you have stocked Hayden Lake with Early Spawners that spawn in tributaries...
1. if that is true then why are there large numbers of red kokanee under the docks at honeysuckle beach right now?
2. do you release the fish at the docks, or do you release them in the tributaries?
3. why are you using early spawners when all streams flowing into Hayden lake dry up by August?
Thank you!


Yes, we have recently stocked early spawning kokanee in Hayden Lake for the purpose of providing a sport fishery.  We have significant numbers of early kokanee from our south Idaho egg taking station at Deadwood Reservoir.
Kokanee, in certain waters, can be extremely difficult to manage when stocked where they can reproduce on their own.  They can very easily over-populate and "stunt."  As you pointed out, there is little habitat for this fish to spawn in during August - which is one of the reason we've gone to early spawning kokanee.c  Now we control/manage the population by stocking juvenile fish and don't want an unknown contribution from natural spawners.  They will be stocked at the boat ramp .
The reason you see "red" fish at Honeysuckle beach is because there are still some late spawning kokanee left in Hayden Lake from previous stocking events.  Most will try spawning along the shore but won't be successful.  If everything goes according to plan, you should no longer see red kokanee in October and November by 2015.

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Monday, October 28, 2013 - 3:41 PM MDT