Junior Sportsmans Package

Is there an option for a junior Sportsmans Package? My son and I spend a lot of time together outdoors. Every year I purchase the Sportsmans Package for myself to cover almost all that I enjoy hunting and fishing in Idaho. My son would like to pursue (now that he is 14) the same species as I am able...but getting two full blown Sportsmans Packages is cost prohibitive. It seems it would be easy to add a Sportsmans Package for the juniors and seniors out there at their respective discounted rates. The convenience of having all the license/tags/permits available might be a huge seller and very worth while adding to the list of available packages... is anything like this available or are we only able to buy individual licenses/tags/permits for our youth (and seniors)?


We are glad to hear that you and your son enjoy spending time hunting and fishing together. We appreciate your passing on the hunting and fishing legacy to your kids.
Currently there is not an option for a junior/senior/DAV sportsmans package. This is something that has been discussed as part of our on going review of our license structure and we will continue to look at this type of a feature in our license structure. For now the best thing we can suggest is the junior licenses and the discounted tags. One thing we would suggest is when your son is 17, purchase a 3 year junior combination license. Once he turns 18 he will not be able to participate in youth hunts but he will still be able to purchase big game tags at the junior price as long as the multiyear junior license is valid.
Thank you for your question and we hope you have a great time in the outdoors this year.

Answered on: 
Friday, January 15, 2016 - 8:00 AM MST