Is it true they are dropping trout into the Boise river?

I called the other day because your website is not being kept up, I wanted to take my children somewhere they stocked so they would have a good chance in catching a fish. The lady told me that F&G dropped over 2000 fish into the Boise river. The river is running extremely high, why would you drop hatchery fish somewhere thats not fishable? Wouldn't it make more since to drop them in the ponds where people are being forced to fish due to the river running so fast? ( a good place would be either settlers park pond or the eagle pond off of Eagle and Macmillan.)


We do not stock trout in rivers when they are at flood stage. Instead, these fish remain at their respective hatchery until flow conditions improve or we reallocate them  to ponds or reservoirs.  

Answered on: 
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - 3:49 PM MDT