Is it legal to use electronic calls for game other than predators?

I know that in a few areas, electronic calls are being used for mountain lions and they are commonly used for coyotes and bobcats. Are there other game e-callers are legal for, such as Canadian geese, ducks, etc? Is there a list available at Fish & Game's website indicating game that can be taken with E-callers?


The answer is copied and pasted below and can be found on page 73 of the Idaho Big Game Seasons & Rules 2012 brochure:
Electronic Calls
No electronic calls may be used to attract big game for the
purpose of harvest, except such calls may be used to attract
mountain lions, black bears and gray wolves in seasons where
approved by Commission proclamation. Similarly, electronic calls may not be used to attract waterfowl, upland game birds, or turkey.

Answered on: 
Friday, September 21, 2012 - 2:29 PM MDT