Is it legal to shoot a chicken hawk, if it has been killing your chicks?

Iv got baby chickens and ducks the hawks have been pestering them all day long they are protected with a coop and netting on top but every now and than i loose one to one brave hawk grabbing it through the wire, iv scared them off but they just come right back and my birds just never seem to get a brake. Can i shoot them?


All species of hawks, falcons, eagles (birds of prey) are protected non-game by state and federal laws. It is not legal to shoot them.
There are mitigating efforts you should take to protect you chicks by keeping them confined or in an outdoor arena that is covered.
Sometimes scare tactics, such as fake owls can be placed nearby that may keep the hawk away.
If these efforts do not help, please contact your local Fish and Game office for further assistance.

Answered on: 
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 3:14 PM MDT