Is it legal for a junior mentored nonresident hunter to harvest a bear with the use of hounds.

The mentor myself, has a valid hound stamp and hounds and would like to take the young hunter who happens to be a friend's son and let him harvest a bear, or would he still have to be drawn for a nonresident hound stamp? Seems like a waste of a hound stamp seeing how he can only hunt with his mentor anyway.


Yes.  He must have a hound hunter permit:
Hound Hunter Permit
When dogs are being used to hunt black bears or mountain lions, the following persons must have a valid hound hunter permit and a black bear or mountain lion tag for the current year in possession:
• Anyone who owns pursuit dogs.
• Anyone having control of dogs owned by another person.
• Anyone who harvests a black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, raccoon, or fox with the use of dogs.
Limitation on hound hunter permits for nonresidents:
Nonresidents hound hunter permits applications must be received at Fish and Game headquarters office by December 1. Permits for the following year are issued in December.
Applications are available on the Fish and Game website. No more than 70 nonresident hound hunter permits will be issued to nonresident hunters who are not licensed outfitters (see
exceptions for Middle Fork and Selway zones and application information online at

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Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 4:27 PM MDT