Is it legal in Idaho for the owner of mounted big game trophies to sell them?

i.e. husband dies; wife doesn't know what to do with numerous big game trophies hanging in every room in the house.


Possession and Sale of Wildlife Parts:
Lawfully harvested wildlife parts – except edible meat from game animals – may be purchased, bartered or sold when accompanied by a written statement showing said wildlife was lawfully harvested. If
black bear, mountain lion or gray wolf parts – excluding tanned or finished rugs or mounts – are sold or bartered, a signed written statement showing the taker’s name, address, license
and tag numbers, date and the location of kill must be provided to the buyer. Buyers must submit completed transaction statements to Idaho Fish and Game within 10 days of sale.
Wildlife parts legally harvested outside of Idaho may be possessed and sold in Idaho if such sale is not prohibited in Idaho or the state, province or country where harvested, or by federal law.
It is unlawful to possess any wildlife or parts that were killed, taken or obtained unlawfully.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 9:44 AM MDT