Is it legal to feed small herd of white tail deer in Winchester Idaho on are property.

We have several Apple trees on are property and deer have bin eating them for long time we like to watch them and take pics and stuff . My ? Is can I put feeders out there and help keep them heathy wen trees arnt making apples and Cherry's and plums. Thanks Shawn w hammond


The deer do not need supplemental feed to survive.  Typically when deer are fed they concentrate in the area of feeding denuding the vegetation close by and passing disease through contact at the feeders.  Also, deer when being fed tend to keep the youngest from the feeders and frequently cause them to starve or become injured.  Supplemental feeding no matter the time of year is not something we recommend.  Is it legal?  So long as you aren't hunting off them yes.  Is it a good thing to do?  No.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 8:58 AM MDT