Is it illegal to hound hunt for raccoon in units that don't have big game hounding seasons?

I have recently moved to the Pocatello area from Moscow. We were in the middle of a great season when we packed up and headed here. Now its obvious that i'm not going to have the bear hunting that i had up north, but i have a couple young dogs that really need worked to keep the energy levels down. The law states that furbears can be persued in a unit only if a hound training or hunting season is open in that unit. Well since there is no bear seasons in units 70 and 72 is a guy allowed to take his dogs out and hunt some creeks at night in search of raccoon, or will he get a ticket?


Raccoons are classified as a predatory wildlife species and therefore the take season for them is year round. You may use dogs to hunt/pursue raccoons. The owner and/or handler and/or person taking raccoons must have a hound hunter permit.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 4:37 PM MDT