is it illegal to feed raccoons

my neighbor is feeding raccoons and they keep getting into our garbage because they get attracted to our place from her feeding them so is there a law in place to prevent her from feeding them


While feeding raccoons is discouraged, there are no laws to prevent it – so it is legal.  However, some communities have “wildlife feeding” ordinances that prohibits feeding wildlife, except for birds.  
Feeding wildlife may seem helpful to some, but it usually leads to unexpected problems.    For one, feeding often starts with just a few animals, but their numbers can quickly become overwhelming.  Feeding can also attract animals that homeowners don’t want around, such as skunks and raccoons.  Homeowners can discourage raccoons, skunks and other sometimes bothersome wildlife from foraging near their homes by disposing of their garbage frequently, feeding all pets indoors, and securing livestock and poultry in pens at night.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 12:28 PM MDT