[Injured] mourning dove [bird] in my yard

There is a injured baby mourning dove in my yard is it ok to nurse it back to health or take it to a vet? What can I do to help it so that I don't have to watch it suffer?


Thank you for caring about Idaho's wildlife. In the case of injured wildlife where a timely response can be critical and you're not comfortable with the situation, we encourage you to contact your regional office. If it's outside of normal business hours and you deem it an emergency, you can contact your local sheriff's office.
If you're comfortable doing so and the bird appears to be dazed due to a window strike, you can learn more information in this Windows to Wildlife issue.
Also, one could contact Animals in Distress's through their 24-7 hotline: (208) 367-1026.
Unfortunately, we can't respond as quickly as we would like to in these requests online. However, we hope to provide better information for this type of situation on our website this coming summer 2014.
Thanks again for your concern for Idaho's wildlife.

Answered on: 
Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 12:15 AM MDT