I'm not catching any crayfish

I've seen them walking on rocks, but when I set my traps, I only catch 0-1 crawfish. I'm using 3 traps, and I've been setting them in shallow, rocky areas. I've been trying to catch a lot since mid-may this year. What bait should I use? I'm setting them in by Banbury, but I'm not sure if location has an effect on the productivity of crayfish. I need your expertise on how to catch them!
Crayfish are found in rocky areas where they have cover from predators (fish, birds, etc.).  The best baits are chicken liver, fish entrails or other waste meat.  Soak your trap along the rocky shore for several hours (over-night). What I've found to work well is a small can of cat food.  Just punch several holes in the can with a drill or a "spud bar."  Suspend the bait in the center of the trap with wire.  You can also wrap other baits in mesh material and suspend it in the trap but the crayfish are effective at pulling the bait out of the material.  Cans of tuna fish also work will but they are a little more expensive than cat food.
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Monday, June 22, 2015 - 9:53 AM MDT