If you purchase a reduced fee Mountain Lion Tag, can you still purchase a regular priced Mountain Lion tag?

I just returned from Bear Hunting in unit 10 (filled one tag, passed on several small bears and left the second tag unfilled) and since I was going to be in unit 10 I purchased a reduced fee Mountain Lion tag and a reduced fee wolf tag. I didn't see either a lion or a wolf during my hunt, but wanted the tag just in case. I'm now considering using a guide this fall to go Mountain Lion hunting and if I can't buy a regular priced tag I'll need to hold off on this hunt for a year. Thanks for any information.


The correct answer is no. The only second tag you can purchase is the second reduced tag which restricts a hunter to the special second tag units only. Please see pages 58 for bear and 63 for mountain lion.
Yes, you can.  If you are going to hunt outside the area that is included in the "reduced tag" area (Lolo, Selway or Middlefork zone units and the portion of unit 16 north of the Selway River) you can purchase a regular priced mountain lion tag.  (Just a note, the reduced price tag we have is for nonresidents only).

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 2:12 PM MDT