If a resident is totally and permanently disabled, unable to walk much, can they use a motorized vehicle such as a ATV to get to hunting area?

I am a new Idaho resident, about 6 months now. I am totally and permanently disabled as I have a degenerative spinal disease and I am unable to walk very far. In California, if a person was totally and permanently disabled with documentation from their doctor, we could use an ATV to get to hunting or fishing areas, even if areas were a non-motorized area.
They allowed this under Federal ADA mandatory rules for allowing access to recreational areas for the disabled.
Can I do this in Idaho as well? love to fish and hunt, especially deer and elk, but I need my ATV to get to good hunting and fishing areas, due to not being able to walk very far.
I live in Twin Falls, as I don't know anyone, I was doing research on WMA's and Public Access programs in the Magic Valley Region. There is quite a bit of available hunting and fishing areas in this region.
Please advise as to above question, I can furnish documentation from Social Security and my doctors about my disability upon request.
Thank You.


Idaho has a permit for the same purpose (Hunt from a Vehicle Permit).  The application form is online (the link is http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/public/licenses/disVehicle.pdf.).
It requires a doctor's signature and it costs $1.75.
If you need further information about the Magic Valley area, contact the IDFG office at 208-324-4359.

Answered on: 
Friday, March 8, 2013 - 1:37 PM MST