If I only have a steelhead permit can I take a picture with a salmon.

If I am fishing for Steelhead, with proper license and permit, and I catch a Chinook salmon without a salmon permit. Can I legally take a "safe for the fish" picture with the fish before releasing it?
I am not saying beaching the fish or tossing it up on shore for a picture but can I take a picture of it in the water or have someone take a picture of me just barely holding it out of the water before releasing?
If it is out of season, and I legally can not harvest/target chinook could I take a picture with one if it were caught?


As long as you exercise caution when handling the fish and don't cause mortality, you can take a picture with your fall Chinook before releasing.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 4:07 PM MDT