If I keep the head and tail of a trout on the body but remove the meat via filleting but keep the two in possesion am I legal? and if not why? I was told by the main office i was legal but no by an officer in the field


The rule that requires heads and tails to remain attached (and that means to the fish fillets). The rule is specific to trout, tiger muskie and bass. The rule insures special size limits, bag limits, and specie identification is easily complied with.
Recently this rule was removed from Salmon and Steelhead once your daily fishing was concluded and you were no longer fishing or on the body of water; it was used to address concerns with larger daily and possession limits and the ability for anglers to store and transport salmon and steelhead in coolers or get them locally processed.
Because the daily bag and possession limits are the same for trout, the rule was not amended for trout, tiger muskie and bass. There was discussion and consideration to change the rule but it is felt this rule is still required for the management of these species. Anglers may suggest changes to the rule during future fish regulation season setting open houses.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - 3:31 PM MST