If Grizzly Bears come off Federal Protection in 2014 is Idaho going to have a hunting season?

The reason I ask is in a recent magazine of Outdoor Life, march 2013 issue. They talk about the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem in Montana, which areas are Glacier park and Bob Marshal area. Where they had a average annual growth of 3% from 2004-2011 in Griz Population. Now that Montana has been successful bring the population up. They talked about the Grizzly bear being expected to be removed from federal protection in 2014 and Montana was talking about a hunting season. So I wonder about Idaho?
What zones might have a hunting season?
What is Idaho Griz Population?
If so, How long has Idaho study Griz Population?


It is too early to speculate on anything like that. 

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 10:30 AM MDT