I was wondering if there was a way to make stricter rules on becoming a resident of idaho or staying a resident of idaho.

I know of 3 peole that have lived in Utah for the past 10 years. They buy their idaho drivers licences, and register their vehicles in idaho. Also they get mail sent to idaho and one of them ownes a house in idaho. Every year they come to Idaho and hunt as a resident, but live and work full time in Utah. Do you guys realize how many people do this. You guys lose a lot of money because your rules to be a resident are not that strict. They all put in for the draw huntsas a resident too. One of them has drawn a antelope tag,a deer tag, and a elk tag. This is not fair to resident hunters who actually live in idaho or to the fish and game of idaho. They are lieing to the goverment of Idaho and Utah. Ichose to live in Idaho and make less money, so that i can hunt here, but there are lots of people that are not honest that can go make a bunch for money in another state and still hunt Idaho as a resident. Say thes people have been coming to idaho for the last 10 years if they buy a deer and elk tag,and also go fishing at a resident cost when they should be paying non resident cost thats alot of money that could help out the fish and game in idaho. The totall for these tags and licence fees comes to $958.50 a year times 3 people times ten years comes to $28,755.00. That is alot of money that fish and game is losing out on. this is 3 people that I know of for sure that are doing it. Just think of all the people that are getting away with this. Its not right and its not fair. Thats alot of money that can go towards managing the game and fish in idaho. You guys are letting lots of dishonest people get away with this. Its to easy to get away with and its not right.


Idaho Code 202(s) defines residency for the purposes of purchasing resident hunting and fishing license. In part the code states that a person must be domiciled in Idaho with the bona fide intent to make Idaho their permanent abode. Simple ownership of property in Idaho does not constitute residency.
There are some checks and balances in place that allow us to help prevent and deter those who are not bona fide residents. However, if you are aware of nonresidents who are abusing the system to purchase resident hunting and fishing licenses you can remain anonymous and either call your local Conservation Officer or the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999. In either case, by providing as much information as you can, you will help us in our investigation.
Those who are not bona fide residents, living in another state, who purchase resident licenses defraud Idaho sportsman and hurt our ability to better manage our wildlife resource.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 11:00 AM MST