I saw a sign that says the Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center is owned by the Department of Fish and Game. Shouldn't it say, "owned by the people of Idaho and managed by the department?"


The actual property title is in the name of Fish and Game, but you are technically correct about the benefit of the public. All the land owned by the department is managed to accomplish the statutorial charge of the department, which is to preserve, protect and perpetuate the wildlife of Idaho to provide a continued supply of wildlife for hunting, fishing and trapping. The Nature Center is an educational facility to show the public how Fish and Game does that and it also shows private landowners how they can enhance wildlife. The sign is there because many visitors mistakenly think that it is owned by the former Morrison-Knudsen Company. That name remains on it because of a substantial contribution the company made during the construction of the center.

Answered on: 
Monday, November 12, 2001 - 5:00 PM MST