I saw the item about shooting hours last week. If I'm on the eastern edge of a time zone, doesn't the sun come up earlier than the "official" time printed in the paper for the western side?


No. That's been tried. Last summer a salmon angler was cited for fishing before hours on the upper Lochsa River. This is 160 miles east of Lewiston, and the officer used the Lewiston paper to determine sunrise. After the citation was issued the angler went home to Montana and looked up the gps location for the spot, looked up some other web site with Greenwich mean time and tried to convince the prosecutor that the sun comes up a few seconds earlier for every few feet you walk east and therefore he was not really THAT early and we should acknowledge this by putting a foot by foot sunrise table in the regulations. The prosecutor didn't buy it. The angler pleaded guilty rather than go to trial. He paid $125.00 for his efforts. Bottom line here is simpler is better. If we put all this material in the rules you would need a big mule to carry them!!

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Sunday, September 8, 2002 - 6:00 PM MDT