I need to buy an disabled vet. hunting license for the first time.

I live in Clark Fork and am a disabled vet who moved to ID last aug. I understand I need to take proof of residency and my VA paperwork to a fish and game office the first time I get a license. Do I need to travel to the regional office or is there a closer office that can take care of it? Thank You


You will need to obtain a letter from the Veterans' Administration showing that you are at least 40% service-connected in your disability.  Bring this letter in to any Idaho Fish and Game office.   Your record will be coded so that you will be able to purchase the resident disabled veteran's combination license (hunting and fishing).  There are designated vendors throughout the state that can do this as well.  A list of vendors can be found on our website. 

Answered on: 
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 3:21 PM MDT