I heard the "Supertag" is coming back. Is it true?


You heard right. Every hunter who files the required report (this year it is required of both successful and unsuccessful hunters for deer, elk and antelope) within ten days of harvest or 10 days of the end of the season for which their tag was valid, will be entered into a drawing for one of 10 supertags. If you win, you still have to buy your tag, but it will be valid for any open deer, elk or antelope (you pick which) hunt in the state. You can go from hunt to hunt until you take an animal. You need to pick which species you want to hunt by May 1, so that you can go ahead and apply in the controlled hunt drawings for the others if you like. The original idea for the supertags was to make them free, but state law prohibits Fish and Game from giving away free licenses or tags.

Answered on: 
Sunday, April 8, 2001 - 6:00 PM MDT