I have very recently graduated highschool and I am curious about what kind of education I will need to begin a career within Idaho's Dept. of Fish and Game?

This question may seem broad considering there are many different fields that envelop I.F.&G. I am interested in all areas exempt hunters safety (considering I've never owned a gun before). Anything to keep me close to Idaho's nature beauty I will gladly look into as a career of choice!


Please contact your nearest IDFG office and ask for the Regional Conservation Educator.  Better yet, call them and set up an appointment where you can ask them questions and they can explain the education requirments and how most employees get started. 
Both your work experience and your education are very important.  To be a competitive applicant for a position at IDFG, you will need a bachelor's degree in wildlife and/or fisheries or a closely related field. 
Again, feel free to contact your local IDFG office and they can assist you.

Answered on: 
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 1:41 PM MDT