I have a DAV license, can I shoot a doe if I buy a youth, DAV, elderly tag

I am 60% service connected and have a DAV combo license. I am confused about whether or not I can hunt for an antlerless deer in area 60A or just antlered deer.


The only season currently open for deer in Unit 60A is an archery-only season for holders of a Regular Deer Tag or Whitetail Deer Tag.  This season runs from November 1 – December 19.  
Are you referring to harvesting a doe in a youth only general season (as listed on page 16 of the Big Game Rules booklet)?   Holders of Senior Hunting licenses and DAV Licenses cannot hunt in the youth-only general season hunts. 
However, beginning August 25, hunters 65 year or older, or those possessing a disabled combination license can purchase a leftover youth-only controlled hunt tag.  Currently there are no tags available in Unit 60A, but the following is a list of leftover youth-only controlled deer hunts available as of 11/12/2013:


Hunt Number

Hunt Area

Tags Available








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Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 5:25 PM MST