I don't like seeing animals smashed and re smashed on the road. Is there anything a person can do when they see small animals on the road that have been killed in a collision with a car?


There are risks and potential safety hazards when stopping on many roadways and highways.  Motorists choosing to stop and retrieve or move wildlife on any road assume all responsibility for their actions should an accident result due to them stopping to retrieve or move wildlife of any kind.
Motorists stopping on any road need to consider sight distance for oncoming traffic, shoulder width, weather, traffic volume and type (trucks and semis) along with other issues prior to stopping.  If it is unsafe to stop or would jeopardize other motorist’s safety – do not stop.  If you have questions concerning non-emergency stopping on roads and highways, contact your local or state transportation officials or Idaho State Police.          

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Friday, August 3, 2012 - 9:17 AM MDT