I bought an out of state hunting license which came with a 3 day fishing permit. I phoned IFG and they said that counts as a salmon/steelhead permit. When I tried to use it as such I was belitteled about knowing the rules. What is the official policy?


First, "thank you" for coming to Idaho to hunt and fish. 
Sorry about the confusion.  The addition of a three-day fishing license to a nonresident hunting license is new and not all staff understand the rules.
The three-day fishing license does not allow you to purchase a salmon or steelhead permit and fish for anadromous (ocean-going) fish in Idaho.  If you want to fish for these species in Idaho, you must purchase a separate Salmon/Steelhead license (which includes the permit) or buy a separated nonresident fishing license with a salmon or steelhead permit.
Please be patient with us as we try new ways to promote hunting and fishing in Idaho.  Regardless, we hope you enjoyed your experience and stay in Idaho and will return in the coming years.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 6:58 AM MST