I am taking a set of horns from a buck I killed in 2006 to a taxidermist to mount to a the cape of a buck I killed this year, but I can't find the tag from 2006. Is there any way to get proof that I purchased the tag in 2006 to give to the taxidermist?

I am a non-resident hunter that was successful for deer in 2006 and took a nice buck, but the cape wasn't taken care of well enough to mount, so this year I took another mature buck in my home state and would like to use that cape to mount to the buck from 2006. My taxidermist would like to see some paperwork showing the a tag in my name for the buck taken in the 2006 season but unfortunately I can't find the tag any where. I was wondering if you keep any record of previous years tag purchases that can be made available for me to provide to my taxidermist?


Contact the IDFG License Department for information.  The number is 208-334-3700.

Answered on: 
Friday, January 18, 2013 - 3:50 PM MST