Hunting varmints in Upper Malad area [outside the state park and in Idaho Power day-use area].

Is it legal to hunt varmits in the upper malad river area(outside the state park area(in the Idaho power day use area?


Hunting varmints in the Hagerman Valley is a favorite spring pastime. Marmots, often called rock-chucks, are prolific in the area. Hunting of these critters requires only a few things: 1.) You must have a valid hunting license, 2.) You must be on property that you have the right to be on, (public land, or private land that you have permission on), and 3.) Safety is paramount when talking about hunting rock-chucks and other varmints. Most of the time, folks use .22 caliber rifles that are either center-fire, or rim-fire. These rounds are capable of traveling over a mile, so ensuring you have a safe backstop is crucial. I believe the area you have specifically referenced is the Idaho Power boat launch site at the mouth of the Malad River. Unfortunately, I have been unable to get into contact with someone from Idaho Power to specifically tell me whether they allow shooting at that site. I can tell you that shooting in that specific area would be a very difficult activity to conduct safely. There are residences, people launching and floating the river, and several roads nearby..... not to mention a pretty good sturgeon hole! If you are interested in shooting varmints this spring, I would recommend finding private property and asking a landowner if they will allow you to shoot on their property, or identify sections of State or BLM land on a map, and focus your efforts there.
Should you have any further questions, please give me call at 324-4359.
Thanks, and happy shooting,
Josh Royse, Regional Conservation Officer

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Monday, March 24, 2014 - 3:26 PM MDT