Hunting squirrels in Idaho

What are the requirements for hunting squirrels, such as licenses, tags, seasons, guns and species


Some squirrels can be hunted, while others are protected.  For those legal to hunt you must have a hunting license and there are no tag, season or bag limit requirements.
Hunting of Predatory & Unprotected Animals (Species okay to hunt)Some animals are classified as “predators” or as “unprotected” and can be hunted and taken all year. Animals classified as predators in Idaho include coyotes, raccoons, jackrabbits, skunks, weasels, and starling. The most frequently hunted unprotected animals include marmots, fox squirrels, porcupines and Columbian ground squirrels, English sparrows, Eurasian-collared doves, and feral pigeons. These species may be taken in any amounts and at any time by holders of the appropriate valid Idaho hunting, trapping or combination hunting license, provided such taking is not in violation of state, county, or city laws, ordinances or regulations.
Protected Nongame Wildlife, Species of Special Concern, Threatened or Endangered Species, Protected Birds (Species that cannot be hunted)
Special classifications for some animals extend extra protection to those species. These animals cannot be hunted, taken or possessed. Threatened or endangered wildlife include caribou, Canada lynx, grizzly bear, and Northern Idaho ground squirrel. Protected nongame wildlife include red (pine) squirrel, wolverine, chipmunks, rock squirrel, Wyoming ground squirrel (nevadensis subspecies only), golden-mantled ground squirrel, Merriam’s ground squirrel, Piute ground squirrel, pika, kit fox, northern flying squirrel, bats, Southern Idaho ground squirrel and migratory song birds. See page 48 of the 2013 Upland Game Rule book or ( for protected ground squirrel information.
Contact the Region office in your area for information:Idaho Fish and Game Office Locations and Contact NumbersPanhandle Region…1-208-769-1414 (Coeur d’Alene)Clearwater Region…1-208-799-5010 (Lewiston)Southwest Region…1-208-465-8465 (Nampa)Magic Valley Region…1-208-324-4359 (Jerome)Southeast Region…1-208-232-4703 (Pocatello)Upper Snake Region…1-208-525-7290 (Idaho Falls)Salmon Region…1-208-756-2271 (Salmon)

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