Is hunting exotic animals on a private ranch and using a drone to film legal?

I am going to be traveling to idaho for a European boar hunt on a private exotic ranch. I know that the use of drones while hunting is prohibited in the state. But was curious to know if this law applies to game not managed by the state and on private property? Or if this law applies to all types of hunting/animals/locations?
You are correct in that Idaho law does not allow the use of drones for tracking, harassing, communicating or filming big game animals of the state of Idaho for the purpose of hunting.   Hunting exotics is another story and a great question.  As long as you have complied with all federal regulations, the use of drones on private property strictly for the purpose of hunting exotic animals not classified as wildlife or big game in the state of Idaho would be legal.   Please consult with the Federal Aviation Administration to determine if there are other steps you may need to take in order to comply with all regulations.  
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Monday, February 22, 2016 - 11:46 AM MST